Sylvan Blog Post 7.21.16Back-to-school media coverage is right around the corner – and omnibus and custom survey data is a great way to tap into that upcoming conversation.

Consider Wakefield Research’s PR survey for Sylvan. The survey found that 42 percent of parents of children ages 5-12 feel intimidated when their child asks them for help with science or math homework, and more than half (55%) admit to frequently looking up the answers to homework questions without telling their children. This data lends itself to a tips piece for parents on studying up during the summer months so they are more prepared for homework help in the fall – or enrolling their child in an afterschool program that can provide the guidance their kids need.

Surveys like the one for Sylvan are a smart way to leverage existing media interest in a trend. Omnibus or custom survey data will add something new to seasonal coverage that happens every year.