We at Wakefield are buried in babies these days — it seems that everyone is having them — so we thought that this study might an an interesting (and helpful) read for our breeding brothers and sisters.

A study of American mothers with infants or toddlers, sponsored by Beech-Nut and conducted by Wakefield, finds that more than half (52%) of moms are concerned that their baby will someday have issues with childhood obesity. The study also found that despite this concern, moms are choosing their baby food based on name recognition, not on a thorough examination of its nutritional value and ingredients.

Basically, moms are neglecting to read before they feed. Even in this age of hyper-health consciousness, moms aren’t carefully reading the labels when deciding which baby food to buy. Less than a quarter (23%) of moms read the label in its entirety when buying baby food.

In another bad sign for baby, nutrition is taking a backseat to tradition. Nearly half (46%) of moms say that they just “buy the brand I know” – meaning that they’re relying more on habit than on an examination of which food has the most nutritional value for their baby.

So moms, from everyone here at Wakefield: please read before you feed!