Blog Post 9.30.15

We know how to build a survey into a story. If you pick up a USA TODAY you’re going to see a lot of Wakefield Research: just this week, we supplied four Snapshot stats – two appearing in the September 29th edition of the paper and two more in today’s edition. Take a peek:

  • True sense of accomplishment: Two thirds of Americans put more stock in completing their bucket list than climbing the career ladder (for Hampton by Hilton)
  • Inevitable loss: 69% think having their personal information stolen in their lifetime is inevitable (for Citrix)
  • A fashion bargain: Many Americans (61 percent of men and 52 percent of women) would wear German lederhosen for a week of free Oktoberfest beer (for Travelocity)
  • Another round: Nearly 1 in 4 Americans (23 percent) believe they could drink more at Oktoberfest than a German (for Travelocity)