Have you already booked your Thanksgiving flight? For many of us, gathering with our families for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner takes more than a day of prep work at the kitchen counter. When your Thanksgiving celebration means getting to Grandma’s house – all the way across the country – you just expect to endure hours at the airport, a booked solid holiday flight, and an airfare that will probably make you cringe.

Today’s Thanksgiving meal may look nothing like a Norman Rockwell painting. But for millions of Americans, flying out of state to be with family is still worth it – up to a point.

Wakefield Research recently asked American travelers, ages 18 – 35, if they’d be willing to pay an extra $8 to board a plane early or exit early once landed. OK, a lot of us will shell out hundreds of dollars for a flight, but an extra $8 to jump the line? Here’s what we found:

  • 63% said they would not be willing to pay an extra $8 to board or exit a flight early.

Time is money, but sometimes even $8 may seem like too much to spend to speed things up. Anyway, can’t you bake Grandma’s Thanksgiving pumpkin pie recipe for less than that?