Today is National Running Day, but if that’s not enough motivation for you to hit the pavement (we don’t blame you), an unexpected jogging benefit might just get you out the door. According to the results of a new survey, running revs up our sex drives a little more than usual.

The stats come to us as a result of a survey performed by Brooks Running. The company partnered with Wakefield Research to ask 1,000 adult runners about every aspect of their running habits, including their favorite clothing, scenery, and jogging partners.

When asked about their favorite running locations, nearly half of those surveyed said they preferred to be outside. Just over a quarter of them said their dream trail would be the Grand Canyon, while 24% said it would be the Romantic Road in Germany, and 23% said the Great Wall of China.

But, perhaps our favorite tidbit is that 41% of respondents reported feeling a little extra “frisky” after a run. And, you’ll be pleased to know this finding has been backed up by science. So, if you’re searching for an extra spark, try lacing up your sneakers to chase some endorphins.

Source: Refinery29