Pet owners heading to the polls are keeping their furry friends in mind when making a decision on which candidate to vote for in the upcoming 2020 general election on Nov. 3.

According to a new survey conducted by Banfield Pet Hospital, 65 percent of pet owners said that when they vote they will take into consideration how different issues — like climate change — might impact their pet’s future. It also revealed that nearly 70 percent of participants have turned to their pets as a way to de-stress amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“The human-animal bond now, more than ever, plays an integral role in people’s lives,” Molly McAllister, chief medical officer at Banfield Pet Hospital, said in a statement.

As people prepare for election night, 53 percent of pet owners admit they’d rather spend the evening with their pets vs. with a roommate or significant other. Meanwhile, 70 percent said they would rather watch dog or cat videos over election news.

The survey also found that people are thinking about ways they can better be there for their pets, as 38 percent said they are now more committed to prioritizing preventive care for their furry best friends.

“This survey shows that pets are always here for us – even, and especially, during the most difficult of times – and we’re encouraged that as a result of spending more time together, people are committed to finding new ways to better be there for their pets,” McAllister added.

Other findings showed pets can actually bring people together amid the harsh divide of politics this election season. In fact, 64 percent of pet owners say they would be more inclined to have a conversation with someone with differing political views if they knew that person was also a pet owner.

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Source: People