Have you made your PR New Year’s resolution for 2015 yet? If you’re too busy, like a lot of us, we’re here to help. Why not make every pitch a compelling one with this A-B-C tip sheet for successful media outreach in the New Year.

Advance the story. It’s a New Year, and editors will cover your story if you truly give them something new. For example, while media will continue to cover Millennials, develop a Generation Z  (teenagers aged 13-17) hook and you’re likely to have a storyline that will earn coverage.

Be timely. Calendar events and seasonal hooks never go out of style. Of course, today’s marketing and PR professionals must work in old and new media, but a well-timed pitch is still king – whether it’s on TV or Twitter.

Carefully target your pitches. Never resort to cut-and-paste press releases to media contacts. Personalize your pitches and cultivate relationships with your target journalists all year long.