apartment therapy logoIf you’ve ever worked while on vacation, you’re definitely not alone. According to a recent study, 60 percent of Americans admit to working at least somewhat on their last trip. And while the desire to relax and the need to keep connected can be at odds, the trend of workcations don’t seem to be going anywhere.

Like with many trends these days, we can point to millennials for the increase in workcations. Most employed millennials agree they would benefit, both in productivity (83 percent) and creativity (91 percent), from the growing trend of combining work with play, says a study from Hawaii Tourism and Wakefield Research. And New Yorkers are leading the charge, with 67 percent of them having worked on their last vacation.

And if you’re going to work all the time, you might as well do it in paradise. Today, the tourism board launched Work From Hawaii, a new residency program open to those always on employees and freelancers who want to be inspired by the island.

Each of six live/work residencies have been set up on each of the main islands: Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Island of Hawaii, and are designed to inspire a different kind of work, with island ambassadors and fitting itineraries.

Here’s a rundown of each of the residencies:


Experience the intersection of nature and technology in this residency, designed for programmers, crypto-miners, app-builders, and game-developers alike.


Built for photographers, cinematographers, and content creators alike, the Location Scout offers a first-hand look at Kauai’s Insta-worthy landscapes. You’ll travel around the island by car or catamaran, giving you an ever-changing backdrop to document in your own unique style.


Writer’s block doesn’t stand a chance. Perfect for journalists, novelists, or other aspiring wordsmiths, this is the writing retreat you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll have a scenic desk indoors, but when you need to unplug, escape to a desk without WiFi just a quick walk away.

SOUND SPACE (Island of Hawaii)

It’s every musician or podcaster’s dream: a secluded island recording studio far from the city noise that hums with the sounds of nature.


Entrepreneurs and other aspiring leaders, this residency offers the headspace to think through your biggest ideas at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai.


Based in the Surfjack Hotel, the Design Loft is best for graphic designers, typographers, stylists, and other creatives.

The program will first be piloted with those who live or work in New York City, with applications accepted from April 30 to June 4, 2018, and the week-long residencies will take place in September 2018. Each of the experiences will open for public booking in October 2018.

Source: Apartment Therapy

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