The remote control is one of those household gadgets that you don’t truly appreciate until it’s gone, but let’s try to imagine that you were at risk of losing it for a moment. What would you be willing to do to keep your remote control? Would you give up sex for a month? No? Well, a whopping 36 percent of Americans would.

A recent study by peripherals maker Logitech revealed that — if forced to choose — 36 percent of Americans would rather forgo sex for a whole month than give up their remote controls for the same time period. 36 percent! Are we so lazy that a third of us would give up sex just to avoid getting off the couch to change the television channel?

Supposedly the study results reveal something even worse:

  • Twenty-seven percent of respondents would prefer to stop using their toothbrushes for a month than lose access to the remote control.

Hygiene, sex, what’s next? People will decide that they’ll give up their TVs just as long as we let them hang on to the remote controls?

Source: NBC News